Have confidence in life on other planets?: Yes. Miracles: Not necessarily. Astrology?:

Od |25.07.2020|

No. Magic?: not likely the manner in which you’re thinking about it. God?: Yes. Satan?: i have got my doubts. Santa?: No, but i actually do love Christmas. Ghosts?: No. Luck?: As a reason, not a independent force. Love at first sight?: certainly not. Yin and yang (that cant that is good w/o bad)?: Conceptually? Yes. In training? I do believe just the notion of evil is important to determine real, genuine goodness. Witches?: Maybe maybe maybe Not with magic. Easter bunny?: No. Think its likely to stay faithful forever?: To whom or just what? Believe theres a cooking cooking pot of silver at the conclusion of a rainbow?: No. Do you really want on movie movie stars?: every once in awhile.

Deeply Theological Questions

Would you rely on the view that is traditional of and Hell?: let’s imagine i am wagering that that view is incorrect.

You think Jesus features a sex?: Gender? GENDER? GOD. Would you believe in planned religion?: Yes, orderly religion exists. […]