My gf will not have intercourse beside me. Been almost a couple of years. How to handle it?

Od |07.07.2020|

Almost a few months ago, we chatted concerning this presssing problem that i will be having within my relationship. It absolutely was this: “Folks, some advice is needed by me when it comes to my sex-life. I have already been in a relationship using this girl that is amazing about 2 years. 5 now (since Feb 2015 to be precise). I must say I care her and feel happy with her about her and love. Then again, whenever personally i think like sex along with her, she simply claims no. The final time we had intercourse was at Dec 2015.

We have tried my most readily useful and possess tried everything to help make her have intercourse beside me.

For ex, we kiss her passionately, she is bought by me gift suggestions, just just just take her down for dinners, walks, give her shocks but that is it. She feels really satisfied with these things but does not feel making love. Perthereforenally I think so frustrated all the right time due to not enough closeness and sex.

We have additionally tried pressing her but she does not let me touch anything of hers with the exception of boobs. I attempt to arouse her by trying to give her an orgasm but she constantly has reasons such she feels tickled and so I should refrain from touching her vagina as she isn’t shaved or hasn’t taken a shower or doesn’t smell good or. […]